The British Natural History Museum’s famous Diplodocus is going on tour.

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Dippy at the Natural History Museum. Image from NHM website.

The Museum’s famous Diplodocus is going on tour.

The beloved dinosaur will travel the length and breadth of the UK from early 2018 to late 2020.

The Diplodocus skeleton cast, affectionately known as Dippy, is encouraging families to explore nature on their doorstep.

Dippy’s tour will explore the UK’s past, present and future natural history. It will help young people to connect with the natural world and gain a deeper understanding of it through science.

Having delighted visitors since arriving in London in 1905, Dippy will be on public display outside the capital for the first time.

Dippy will visit Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and five regions across England.

The skeleton will be on show at.  >>>Read More…

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