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The Riddle of the Dinosaur

The Riddle of the Dinosaur Behold the mighty dinosaur, Famous in prehistoric lore, Not only for his weight and length, But for his intellectual strength. You will observe by these remains The creature had two sets of brains, The one in his head, the usual place, The other at his spinal base. Thus he could […]

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Welsh Dinosaur Discovery

Scientists have named a creature dating back 201 million years and found on a Welsh beach. It is one of the oldest known Jurassic dinosaurs and related to the fearsome T Rex. It was discovered on Lavernock beach by a pair of fossil-hunting brothers. Nick and Rob Hanigan, from Llantwit Major, made the “discovery of […]

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Walking on Geology’s Sacred Ground

 I was in Scotland a couple of weeks back, which is always a blessing.  With my father being a Scot it is always a homecoming and a privilege to be able to go there.  One of the places I have been meaning to visit for years is Siccar point, which is just 12 miles up […]

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The Life and Times of Marmaduke the T Rex

Marmaduke was started about 10 years back in a moment of madness.  In fact he was actually only meant to be a metre long model, which then morphed into the concept of a neck and head of the beast, to be mounted outside our offices as a talking point and draw card for our services.  […]

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