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Oldest dinosaur embryos found in SA

Durban – In the late winter of 1976, the world famous fossil collector James Kitching was doing a survey near South Africa’s border with Lesotho. To his surprise he found a tiny clutch of six fossilised eggs along the side of the road at a place known as Rooidraai. It took five years for skilled […]

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Almost complete speciment of Stegosaurus at the NHM

What do we know about the lifestyle of this dinosaur and the environment it lived in? This Stegosaurus individual lived about 150 million years ago, during the Late Jurassic, in a fairly harsh and arid environment. Plants like cycads, ferns and horsetails formed the carpet (and this dinosaur’s food), and there would have been occasional […]

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The Blooming of my Magnolia

My magnolia is in full bloom outside my back door. It is of course a yearly event and each year it is as magnficient as the last. However this year is the first that I have decided to blog about this event, possibly because I have a dinosaur website to post it to. So the […]

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