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Why do we love dinosaurs so much?

Any day a new dinosaur is announced is a good day, and, to me, yesterday was especially joyous. For years I have been hearing rumours of a gigantic sauropod – think tiny head, long neck, bulky body and tapering tail – excavated from the southernmost reaches of Argentina by Drexel University paleontologist Kenneth Lacorvara and […]

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The Ten Biggest Dinosaur Mysteries We Have Yet to Solve

We know dinosaurs better than ever before. Paleontologists continue to find new species, naming a new one every two weeks or so, and more accurately reconstruct familiar dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. Despite all our recent advances in understanding the Age of Reptiles, dinosaurs still present us with a slew of unresolved questions. Here’s […]

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Back to Brontosaurus? The Dinosaur Might Deserve Its Own Genus After All

It may be one of the most famous dinosaurs of all time. The trouble is that shortly after being discovered, the Jurassic creature fell into an identity crisis. The name for the long-necked, heavy-bodied herbivore Brontosaurus excelsus—the great “thunder lizard”—was tossed into the scientific wastebasket when it was discovered that the dinosaur wasn’t different enough […]

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Paleontologists Uncover Oldest Known Dinosaur Nest Site

Two years ago, paleontologist Robert Reisz and colleagues revealed that the Early Jurassic dinosaur Massospondylus started off life as an awkward little thing. An exceptional set of eggs recovered from South Africa in 1976 contained the well-preserved skeletons of these baby dinosaurs, and the infants did not look very much like their parents. A roughly […]

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Dinosaurs Extraordinary